Cover for Energy Management Fundamentals Energy Management Fundamentals
Abdolvahed Ghaderi, Ehsan Sharifara (Volume editor)
July 8, 2018

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Cover for Comprehensive Energy and Risk Management Comprehensive Energy and Risk Management
Abdolvahed Ghaderi, Ehsan Sharifara
September 27, 2018


"Energy Fundamentals Series" aims to providing academic and industrial chapter-based publications in multi-thematic issues of "Energy Systems and Principles". Specified volumes of "Energy Fundamentals Series" cover the most relative themes as: Energy Systems, Engineering, Technology, Applications and Case Reports. 

How to submit a proposal? Potential and related proposals could be discussed with Managing Editor (publications@cambridgeint.uk) to being evaluated in due course. Within a couple of weeks, Proposals would be evaluated and shortlisted ones will select for further publishing affairs. Please note that "Energy Fundamentals Series" is currently accepting proposals include novel research and practical issues in minimum 50 pages in length. 

Eligible Types of Proposals: Monographs edition, conferences proceedings and selected part of presented papers in conferences and edited volumes could be discussed as highly potential proposals.  (More information)